Rebecca Audra Smith & Jess Rose

Sat 8th Nov | 6 – 8pm (KL) – Join

10am – 12pm (UK)

‘your windows are queer. Ever notice how they polarise the light?’

(Laura K. Neelz – previous workshop participant)

Jess Rose (she/her) is a trans DJ and performer who started writing at school but only recently connected with the ability to improve areas in her life through creative writing and spoken word. One of her earliest memories of writing was in a quiet library at school where she could shut everything off and be in her own world. Some of her influences Include Audre Lorde, Angela Davis and Marsha P Johnson. Jess thinks it is important to be emotive and political when writing so that people maintain awareness of current issues.

Rebecca Audra Smith (she/her) is a queer feminist poet hailing from Manchester living in London. She writes intimate, domestic space poetry and is community member of consciousness raising spaces in the LGBTQ+ community. She is influenced by Carol Ann Duffy, Toni Morrison, Andrea (Andrew) Gibson. She is co-author of Lustful Feminist Killjoys with Anna Percy. 

Trans Rights and Free Write

This free writing workshop will be led by feminist poet Rebecca Audra Smith, and performance artist, DJ and activist Jess Rose, and is for trans and nonbinary people and queer allies. As workshop leaders, we aim to create a safe, protective space for our community. We will look at some of the poems of trans activists and other writers to help shape and inspire our writing. We will be using guided prompts and timings to help your writing flow freely. We’d love to have you, newbie or old hand. If this is your first try at writing creatively, we’d love that as well!

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