Marylyn Tan

Sat 25th Oct | 6 – 8pm (KL) – Join

11am – 1pm (UK)

First female winner of Singapore Lit Poetry Prize

Marylyn Tan is a queer, female, Chinese Singaporean, linguistics graduate, poet, and artist, performing and disappointing since 2014. Her first volume of poetry, GAZE BACK (Lambda loser, Singapore Lit Prize 2020), is the lesbo Singaporean trans-genre witch grimoire you never knew you needed. Her work trades in the conventionally vulgar, radically pleasurable, and unsanctioned, striving to emancipate the marginalised and restore the alienated, endangered body. She is the founder of multidisciplinary arts collective DIS/CONTENT.

Workshop: Cutting to the Quick

A two-hour workshop that entails discussing texts that deal with queerness and living on the margins in an unflinching and unafraid manner so as to be emancipatory to both artist and audience. Participants will get to draft and workshop texts of their own towards ‘writing the ugly thing’, that is, taking steps toward viscerality and authenticity in their writing. This session is for both emerging and established writers to explore how they can approach and approximate the discomfort and disruption inherent in queerness and lived experience, and use personal mythos and repositories of symbolism in creating texts that speak to power both political and personal. (Participants are encouraged to bring a draft of a poem they are working on that approaches disruption, discontent, disrepute, dis-ease or discomfort to workshop in-session.)

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