Sat 18th Oct | 6 – 8pm (KL) – Join

11am – 1pm (UK)

‘We change the world through our words’

Lea is a non-binary writer from Malaysia with 17 years of experience. They have been featured in various international zines. They are also one of the contributors of “Ambrosia”, a non-binary and transmasc anthology. Known for their atmospheric prose, they aim to bring their readers on a journey of emotional growth through each of their stories. A common theme of their work is that there is rarely a “happy ending”, but instead a potential built by their characters. The story continues beyond the pages, within the reader.

Workshop: Building Your Voice

Through our writing, we open a two-way window. The writer sees the world, feels its heartbeat, hears its voice. And in return, the world perceives the writer with each word they read.

As we make our masterpieces, we interlace diamonds between the threads. Let’s be lucid of the voice we send out to the world. This workshop will be about connecting to the voice within you and what it burns to say. We will also touch on atmospheric world building, pacing and how to open and close a chapter of your work.

Remember, we change the world through our words. The power has always been within us.

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